Tubos de cobre

We buy copper scrap::

– Number one copper

– Number two copper

– Copper pressure tanks

– PVC copper

– Copper shavings

Copper is perhaps one of the most popular metals in the industry due to its characteristics and therefore one of the most valued when reclaiming and selling scrap metal.

Currently, it is the most used material in the manufacture of electrical cables, both for domestic and industrial use. It is also present in many electrical equipment such as generators, motors and transformers. Most telephone cables and telecommunication networks are made of copper.

Copper is also used in the manufacture of some components in the automotive industry such as radiators, brakes, bearings, electric motors, and so on. Railway overhead lines are mainly made up of copper.

Copper is essential in water infrastructure and transport networks, since the pipes are essentially made of copper thanks to its resistance to corrosion and bacteria.

Finally, copper has also been widely used in architecture and construction; both in structural and ornamental elements such as linings, façades, doors, windows, doorknobs, statues, bells and so forth.