What we do?

We buy metal scrap

Containers for scrap

If you have a company, factory or workshop that generates metal waste regularly, we offer container services. The container is much more convenients for you, as we take care of both installation and removal when it is full. Additionally, it facilitates employees in managing waste recovery as part of their routine.

Doorstep scrap metal purchase

At our facilities located in Ripollet, Barcelona, we buy all kinds of metal waste for recycling.

Anyone can take advantage of selling scrap metal: both individuals getting rid of household metal waste and companies generating production leftovers, whether on a one-time or regular basis.


We offer you the maximum value


We always provide the highest value for the metal waste generated by your company.

We achieve this by sorting and conditioning the materials. Additionally, by recycling them properly, we contribute to carinng for the environment.


We treat waste

We recover metals

At Recuperaciones Carrillo, we turn metal scrap into raw materials for recycling or waste that is treated properly.

What materials can be recovered?

Any metal can be recovered and given a new life (or removed from circulation so that it does not harm the environment). For example, some of the materials we recover include iron, stainless steel, aluminium, bronze, copper, brass, lead or zinc.

Where are they found?

Virtually any metal waste contains some of these materials. We buy, among other products: Batteries, Radiators, Rims, Pipes, Cables, Metal tables and furniture, Screens and aluminium carpentry, Production shavings and trimming and Other metal wastes.


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