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We purchase the following, metal waste, among others: batteries, radiators, pipes, boilers, metal furniture, metal shavings, etc.

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Do you have old items and do not know what to do with them? If they have metal components, we have the best solution for you. Instead of taking your items to the recycling center (the deixalleria) and getting nothing in return, in Recuperaciones Carrillo, you can sell your scrap for a fair price.

From cables, kitchenware, or rims to old appliances containing metal (except refrigerators), we offer a profitable solution. This action provides economic benefits and helps promote recycling. Every small effort counts in the fight for sustainability.

Our process for selling scrap metal is simple and transparent. We evaluate the items and offer you a fair price. Although we specialize in large industrial volumes, we are ready to serve occasional small sellers at our facilities.

If you are interested in selling scrap metal, we are in Ripollet to turn your used items into cash.

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We offer a comprehensive metal waste management service to companies.

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In Ripollet (Barcelona), with more than 6000 m2 dedicated to metal scrap recovery.

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