Recuperación de aluminio

We buy aluminium scrap:

– Clean aluminium frame (free of rivets, screws and thermal bridge).

– Dirty aluminium frame

– Clean aluminium wire

– Lined Aluminium (PVC or steel bore cable)

– Aluminium sump

– Aluminium utensil

– Lithography

– Aluminium trim

– Aluminium shaving

Due to its versatility, aluminium is one of the most widely used metals in industry, second only to iron and steel.

It is used in the manufacture of mirrors (domestic and industrial), foil, cans and cartons. It is also a conductive metal, so it is used in some cases as a substitute for copper in electrical installations.

But perhaps construction is the sector that makes the most out of aluminium to create structures and enclosures, containers, metallic structures, doors, windows, screens and so on.

All these productions generate scrap that we buy for its adequate disposal. Furthermore, when an aluminium structure is scraped, scrap metal is generated that can be turned into profit.