Licensed waste manager No. E-370.97

At Recuperaciones Hermanos Carrillo e Hijos we have spent over 30 years, and two generations, professionally dedicated to the industry of metal reclamation and recycling in the province of Barcelona.

With an already long experience in the sector, we started our business enterprise in the early 80’s. Since then we have been known for offering an excellent service, based upon our daily efforts to do so with all seriousness and responsibility. Our services are designed to suit the specific characteristics and needs of our customers.

We have a large fleet of trucks adapted to the needs of workshops and factories. Additionally, at our facilities in Ripollet we offer our customers two digital scales, one for vehicles and other for small amounts.


What does Recuperaciones Hermanos Carrillo e Hijos offer you?


An Excellent Service

We consider seriousness to be fundamental. That is why you will have the tranquillity of knowing that you will receive an excellent service.


Maximum facilitation

We have a large fleet of trucks adapted to the needs of different types of workshops and factories.


Absolute transparency

We have at your disposal strictly calibrated weighing systems and we are committed to providing the greatest satisfaction for you and your company.


Proven Professionalism

Our company counts on 2 generations and more than 3 decades of experience. Providing quality service to companies throughout the province of Barcelona during all this time.



Our main objective is our customer’s satisfaction. We are in a process of continuous improvement and we cooperate with the companies we work with in order to meet their demands.